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is divinely designed to provide people with the atmosphere and support to help one develop and cultivate their service unto God. Restoring the Remnant is a place for training, birthing, plowing, and breaking. The devotees are people set apart to stand on the truth, the word of God without compromise, AND looking to be refined. We are to continuously rejoice, restore, and rejuvenate. The reality is the journey can take a natural toll that can only be refueled through spiritual infilling. It’s a time to take in spiritually while taking a load off naturally.


The people of God called to Restoring the Remnant understand the sacrifice of service.  The undying commitment to serving God and His people. It is a mission to equip the people of God with the tools necessary to stand in the face of a compromised world. We are not the fraternal twin of the world, we are the church.  Not an edifice, but a body of believers who move according to the Spirit of God to do His will here in the earth realm.

Restoring the Remnant, a community of hope for individuals, organizations, and businesses cultivating relationships, strengthening trauma-informed care, & spiritual disciplines. Triumphant Talks serves through 1:1 coaching, ministerial consultation, trauma healing & professional development.

Restoring the Remnant RTR



Antara Rashida, a Womanist Traumatologist, unearths the language of pain to dismantle intergenerational trauma in the lives of families to bring healing to their lineage and legacy.  She serves people who desire to shift from paralysis to purpose and from trauma to triumph.


As an Evangelist, her message does not change despite where she goes to share the Good News.  She is bold, called to confront, and cares about people understanding we all have access to the same grace in spite of our differences through a loving God.


A triumphant parent, workshop facilitator, retreat coordinator, trauma coach, biblical teacher, and NYC Department of Education vendor through Triumphant Talks whose experience is her education. Degreed, but most importantly in agreement with the word God has decreed over her life to bring healing to her family. Her vision is to empower children and young adults to use their prophetic voice to echo on earth what it is in heaven to continue turning the world right side up with triumphant living through understanding their purpose over the pain.

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