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Triumph over Trauma



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It is a holistic and Bible-based approach to helping people heal from trauma that recognizes that trauma affects every part of a person: mind, body and spirit. The lessons use art, stories, activities and questions to help people engage deeply with themselves, with God, and with each other. Check out the video.

Please join our small group to bring healing to wounds to the heart—emotions, spirit, soul—from trauma or loss. If you suffer from hopelessness, nightmares, ongoing sadness or exhaustion, unexplained anger, flashbacks, being overwhelmed, feelings of isolation, or unprocessed grief, whatever the source, this small group may be for you. The group will be led by facilitators who are trained in Biblebased trauma healing. Together, we will make a safe space for group members to: • Discover what the Bible says about suffering • Learn about trauma and its effects • Explore any trauma or loss you may be carrying • Release some of the emotional pain you carry • Help you get unstuck, reconnected, and ready to move on in life • Build resilience for the future

Ms. Antara, you are a woman wise beyond your years.  God truly has a way of using you.  You have blessed me to understand how to apply the word and live triumphantly.

T. Harris

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