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Restoring the Remnant was established in 2015 through the visionary, Antara Rashida. At the age of 15, she joined Mariners' Temple Baptist Church where she met her spiritual mother, Rev. Dr. Wanda Brown. While engaged in activities at the church as a youth to young adult, Antara struggled with her spiritual identity and formation. While she was very much enjoying the world as a young adult, Rev. Brown declared Antara would accept her call as an Evangelist. 

On July 27, 2007, as a young adult, Antara accepted the call to be minister of the gospel. She began her journey as a Lay Minister at her home church; however relocated in 2012. On October 26, 2014 Antara was licensed in Baltimore, MD which was witnessed by Rev. Brown and many members of her home church who traveled to affirm the Lord's doing.

Pastors, ministerial leaders, community leaders, and prophetic watchman are a few examples of front line leaders who pour out continually and must stay at the well of the living water to replenish their pour.  This led to the first retreat "Beauty for Ashes" gleaned from Isaiah 61:3 in Wilmington, DE, Memorial Day Weekend 2015. The next three years consisted of consecrating and intense spiritual warfare  for Min. Antara that could only be eased with prayer. Labor Day weekend 2018 she was ordained an Evangelist. 

Restoring the Remnant is a Christ centered safe place, a trauma informed ministry, committed to journeying with people whose desire is to learn how to rest in a world that confuses being busy with being effective. Rest is a practice that must be implemented to maintain the spiritual temperament of love in order to serve the broken. Self care is the first step to serving others. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Let us serve you! 

Rev. Brown and I

- ministerial consultation - coaching professional - mental health coach - trauma helpline - personal development coach

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