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Giving More

We are halfway through February and yesterday marked the beginning of Lent, known as Ash Wednesday. I spent most of the day replenishing after a few beautiful assignments. I had a wonderful weekend connecting with Sister to Sister Speak Your Truth EVEn if it's a whisper at The Chosen movie in Times Square followed up by a conversation cafe at Virgil's BBQ (Ask for Unique, amazing server). The beginning of the week is filled with early morning prayer lines, administrative work for my company and ministry, and most importantly leaving room for God to add His plans to my day.

I finally made it out around 4:30 pm. I went to one of my favorite spots, Starbucks. I was watching a newly released clip of The Chosen when I received a text. I was already in tears because I knew God was asking me to upgrade my "yes." As I looked at the message, the tears fell more quickly, and I realized I was not the only one hearing God call me higher. I responded with a tear-stricken photo and a simple "yes." I listened to the voice note that followed and it prompted me to think about what I wanted to give up for Lent. I began to let the thoughts swirl and then decided to pray and ask God what He wanted me to give up. A few hours later when I entered my prayer closet, I heard, "procrastination." My eyes widened and I titled my head as if I was asking "did I hear you correctly?" I had to laugh. I thought about all the times I heard people say they were giving up soda, social media, cussing, etc., but God started revealing to me the importance of giving more.

Over the last few days, I have been a recipient of God's immediate action. I thought about things, and they happened. I asked for things, and they were given. I went places and access was gained with no effort. God showed me it was preparation to receive this command from Him for my life. It felt good to receive immediately. God was setting me up to give what I received. It was through leaning into Him I was learning the importance of trimming over tradition. What is the purpose of giving up social media to return to it on day 41? What is the purpose of letting go of soda to drink it again during lunch the Monday after Resurrection Sunday? It made me think about what the point is of putting something down to pick it back up again. Tradition says, "give up something." Trimming says, "give more intentionally." Another definition for trimming is "ready for service or use." Are you willing to use these next 40 days to be trimmed, so you can be ready for service and use?

Lent is not in the bible. We choose to practice Lent in our faith communities to help us reflect on the sacrifice of Christ and how God physically lent himself to the world for 33 years to make a lasting impression and imprint. At least, I do. I encourage you to seek God about what to trim and deny yourself the temptation to simply follow tradition. Ask God how you can give more. I love God and I love you. He is in the habit of Restoring the Remnant. Is that you?

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Semiko Okimes
Semiko Okimes
Feb 15

Sis this is so D.O.P.E I love this

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