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Joseph, Is That You?

Joseph, is that you?

You’ve been abused, beaten, teased, mocked, rejected, disrespected, and this is by the people you were born

into, family, a live tragedy.  How? What bought this on? Love, you say? My father loved me. I was the apple of

His eye.  My mother was glad to bear me and I became her pride and joy.  I didn’t know my happiness and joy

was wrong until those who I loved tossed me aside. All because I had a dream and someone believed me.  I

didn’t ask for anything special it was simply given to me. I wish I never said a word, never closed my eyes, and

never ever had that dream.

I was released from a place I didn’t want to leave with no opportunity to say goodbye.  No heartfelt hugs or

exchanged kisses just simply sold into a world with no direction or choice in the matter, so what was I to do?  I

had no idea who I was and what was in me, but the pressure of my new world birthed something great in me. 

Suddenly my dreams had meaning.  I was saving lives, speaking truth, coming forth with great strategy, but still

these people were strangers to me.  I met someone who had the ability to help me and they promised not to

forget me.  A year went by and no word, but I could not just lay there and die.  I knew I would get out of this

prison and one thing my daddy did teach me is that my Father in heaven would never leave or forsake me.

Tears streamed down my face as I longed for my father, my mother, even my brothers…their teasing would be

better than the accusations of strangers.  I cannot help but to give my all and remember that at some point I will

receive God’s best.  Thanks to the tragedy God gave me a strategy and my promotion came.  I was finally

beginning to feel free when suddenly something startled me.  It was something from afar, but looked so familiar

it was sickening.  At the pit of my stomach I felt uneasy.  I could not let my anger get the best of me. 

Forgiveness should be given as quickly as the betrayal, but it’s the hardest simple thing to do. 

Who mocked you? Who laughed at you? Who rejected you?  Who hurt you? But did you die? Did the dream

die?  I don’t know what season of your life you are in, but whichever one it is please don’t let it kill your dream. 

You miss them.  They envy you. Jealousy is like the grave, but all thanks is to God because you have the keys

to the kingdom. Do you think they would have thrown you in a pit if they knew it would lead to a palace? Wear

the word by adorning yourself in His characteristics of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness,

faith, meekness, and temperance. In that moment when you don’t know whether to love, fuss, cuss, fight, or cry

use your key to unlock them from their prison and invite them to the Master’s table.  Perhaps you’ll even wait

on them…at His service. It’s all about agape. I promise you will hear them say with a mixture of shock and

shame “Joseph, is that you?"

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