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What is Triumphant Parenting?

Triumphant Parenting is partnering with God for intentional nurturing and nourishing from Him to our children. Generational triumph is the legacy we want to leave our children.  We pass down behaviors that can help or hurt our children based on how we respond to life. 

God, Our Ultimate Parent, exemplifies how we should raise our children.  For years, I took pieces from my mother, family, and people I admired and made it my own.  I used the techniques and tools I received to help me navigate through the challenges and my child’s milestones. God is so good and wants us to grow into who He has created us to be, and we can’t find ourselves in others, only Him. Through trials and tribulations, we learn our strengths and weaknesses.  We learn what is inside of us and how to harness our power that shows us we are more than conquerors. We learn how to surrender, survive storms, and stretch in prayer.

Children and youth are little people with big emotions.  Their size does not make their emotions any smaller. Anger is anger. Grief is grief. Shame is Shame.  Unfortunately, the adversary does not care about age when he attacks the people of God.  The enemy’s goal is always the same which is to kill, steal, and destroy.  As parents, we learn how to protect our children through prayer and practicing the word of God.  It is hard to model something you do not seek or believe.  I remember when God started drawing me closer to Him.  I began to desire to learn how to pray.  I was a young mother and was very much enjoying the spoils of the world.  The world’s comfort started to fade, and my faith started to grow. I began attending all night prayer, getting on the prayer line, and taking notes.

God was already aware of the hardships I would face, and He was giving me the tools I needed to overcome.  At the age of 5, my daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease at John Hopkins Hospital.  The doctor said she had a tumor and needed a biopsy to rule out cancer.  My daughter was diagnosed with another rare disease at birth that affects her red blood cells.  This other disease affected her white blood cells.  I was too through.  I was scared.  I was unsure.  I would be lying if I pretended, I did not have a total fit. I cried and fell on the floor in the hospital bathroom.  I called my Pastor at the time, and she prayed.  Suddenly she yelled “get off the floor.” It was in that moment I realized God sees me (again).  She was not there.  I did not tell her I was on the floor.  I got up, told God thank you, and went back in the hospital room to confer with the doctor.

I gave my fear to God.  I did not deny it.  I did not over spiritualize the situation nor psyched myself into pretending I wasn’t angry or upset.  I felt it all and gave it all to God.  I asked Him how to explain this to my daughters and to help us because we had limited support. I confessed my frustration with all the moving parts and not enough resources to feel capable of managing it all.  God assured me when I am weak, He is made strong. I can only do what He strengthens me to do, so trust Him with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding.  I put my prayer closet to use.  I would write scriptures on sticky notes declaring healing and wholeness.  I continued my daily assignments and threw off the cloak of heaviness.  I cried out to God for help and recalled the wisdom from counsel & therapy.

We made it through the biopsy and learned she was cancer free.  Her bone transplant was successful.  She relearned how to walk with ease and by the grace of God.  God gave me the words to say to my daughters and covered us. The executive director (who was also a licensed therapist) was a blessing.  She went to England after my daughter’s surgery and asked us to cat sit. She knew it gave my daughter additional emotional support to decrease discomfort with limited socialization. Through prayer and practice, I trusted God for his outcome and His will for us.  This is just one of the many testimonies in my parenting journey that I use to encourage other parents who question their abilities.  God chose you and He is confident that whether a child has special needs, is differently abled, ill stricken, experiences abuse, faces bullying, or any other hardship that you have the potential to love them and demonstrate how to live.

We believe you do.  This is why every we set aside the month of January to pray for children and triumphant parenting.  Join us any day this month at 6:00 am on free conference call with meeting ID restoringremnant or dial in at (720)740-9612 access code 3085649# We invite you to pray with us, read a scripture, and/or share a testimony.  Remember we overcome by the blood of the lamb and every word of our testimony.  You are not alone!

Parents "don't exasperate your children by coming down hard on them. Take them by the hand and lead them in the way of the Master." Ephesians 6:4 msg

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Denise Alleyne-Wright
Denise Alleyne-Wright
Apr 04

Antara, reading this blog about

"Triumphant Parenting" truly blessed me because I struggle at times trying to be the best parent that I can be. My Parenting dynamics is coupled with having a biological daughter, two beautiful foster children, a blended family through marriage and helping to to take care of my nephew. These dynamics also brings the diversity in age differences, adults, teenagers and minors and boy do I have my hands full. If it wasn't for the Lord who was on my side and His Grace, I'm not sure where I would be mentally. Because of these beautiful gifts that I have received the wrapping is sometimes hard to unfold. I want to thank you fir sharing yo…

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